What is it? Common areas?

The Cynosure Elite laser provides faster results for you because it is a dual-wavelength system which delivers energy faster than other systems.

Laser skin treatment (hair removal, facial and leg veins, epidermal pigmented lesions (age spots, hyperpigmentation) and wrinkle reduction on all skin types

How long does it last?

Permanent (some patients may require maintenance treatments 1-2 times per year after completion of initial treatment sessions)

How long does the procedure take?

A typical procedure takes 20-30 minutes (depending on treatment area)

Optional anesthetic cream offered to patient 15-20 minutes prior to treatment

To effectively treat unwanted hair, you must treat hair during the growth cycle at approximately six week intervals

How many treatments are required?

Hair procedures are different for everyone. since many factors can influence hair growth (age, ethnicity, hormones, medication and metabolism). A usual plan recommended is four to five treatment sessions.

Recovery & Results

slight redness or mild swelling to the treatment area usually lasting a few minutes to 1-2 days depending on hair coarseness

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